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Wednesday morning music video – Van Canto

Because no man can live without a little heavy metal and because i like original stuff like this.

First time I heard them and didn’t quite understand what was going on…. then i saw a video and it all was clear.

The band is not new and the song is not new either, but listen to it and you will understand whats so original about it.




Wednesday morning music video – Dire Straits

One of the greatest bands of all time for me, and i thank my parents the pleasure of having listened to it at young age.

The video clearly shows how old this song is. But still one of my favorite songs of all time.

Wednesday morning(?) music video – REM

Since i spent my whole morning away from the computer i could not upload todays post, this is why instead of one video, you will get two.

From a band that needs no special introduction, one of the older songs and one newer songs, enjoy.

Wednesday morning music video – Pearl Jam

Today you get a song from one of my favorite rock bands. They have been true to their style for many years and still produce great music.
Heres one of their more “popular” songs.

P.D: I apologize for not posting yesterday, I’m kinda busy with the delivery of my thesis at university.

Stay positive

Continuing with the whole motivational concept, i leave you with a song that really gets to me every time i listen to it. One of those songs that you can listen to over and over and every time you feel something moving.

The Streets, a moderately known English hip-hop band (worth browsing into if you like the music genre), in an really underrated song, that should have had more success. Probably one of the best song lyrics i have ever listened to.

Theres no real video for it, so i leave you with this:  (all your focus on the lyrics please)