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Music – Coldplay

An old, but never forgotten song


Morrissey (The Smiths) – Theres a light that never goes out.

Because it makes me remember being young and hopeless…

Music – The Killers

I decided I wont be writing a lot in these posts anymore so ill just say this:

A hell of a band, with the most confusing lyrics by far today.


Wednesday music video – Green day

Because they used to be a great band, they deserve the merit. Two great songs, from two great albums.

I wanna be on TV:

and the unforgettable “Basket case”


Music Video – The Decemberists

Not much to say about this band, when I first heard the song “Los Angeles I’m yours” I fell in love with them, been following them since.

Los Angeles I’m yours:

Sons and daughters:

Wednesday morning music video – Moby

I doubt there will ever be a record as great as “play” by Moby.

All the songs, all the music, all the lyrics are great. You  usually get some “not that great” songs in a record, not in this one.

If you have some time to relax and listen to music, load this record up.

Heres “natural blues”, with drawings by moby himself….

and porcalain, which is such a damn deep song…

Wednesday morning music video – Jamiroquai

Just 3 reasons i love this band:

1. The funky music

2. Their concept and lyrics

3. Jay Kay wears the best hats

Heres a video from the ’96 “Travelling vwithout moving” Album, you surely remeber this:

Wednesday morning music video – Counting Crows

No matter what they say, my all time favorite alternative band.

Incredible lyrics, great melodies and even greater musicians, all of them.

I could post a hundred songs of them, but today ill give you two.

Wednesday morning music video – Van Canto

Because no man can live without a little heavy metal and because i like original stuff like this.

First time I heard them and didn’t quite understand what was going on…. then i saw a video and it all was clear.

The band is not new and the song is not new either, but listen to it and you will understand whats so original about it.



Wednesday morning music video – Dire Straits

One of the greatest bands of all time for me, and i thank my parents the pleasure of having listened to it at young age.

The video clearly shows how old this song is. But still one of my favorite songs of all time.