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Thursday picture time – My job

So, time has come to upload a picture of what I do for a living.

This is what I work at. What you are seeing are solar water heaters. They heat water with the power of the sun. As simple as that. No electricity, just hot water.

We sell and install these systems for houses, hotels, hostels and swimming pools.

We believe in a future built on natural renewable resources.

If you want to know more about us visit us at


Thurdsay picture time – Sun is shining

Ive been wanting to participate in photography contests for a few years now, but for some reason or another I always end up forgetting, turning in pictures late or just not finding the right image.

This pic I took about 6 years ago, for a contest about “The summer” in our city.

It shows the top right corner of a wooden football goal at the beach in Montevideo.

Thursday picture time – Springtime coming

That heartwarming time of the year,

where flowers want to sprout again,

the grass wants to turn into that special green,

where the sun wants to rise higher everyday,

and the days want to last a little longer,

only for us to to enjoy.

Thursady picture time – Starting spring

 Since its that time of the year the sun starts to claim for its revenge on the clouds that covered it for months (at least for our hemisphere) I thought I honor it with a pic.

The picture was taken at the piers of the old city in Colonia (Cologne), Uruguay.

Thursday picture time – Horror time

A risen river,

scary trees

and a gray

autumn day.

A nice swamped

piece of land

makes this picture

worth a thousand words

and a terrifying feeling.

Thursday Picture Time – Spring chimney

Thursday picture time – Blue Buddy

Not many times ive done a concept art photo shoot.

But this one created so many good images.

Thursday picture time – Coffee time

Have a cup of coffee, but don’t spill it

Thrusday picture time – After the rain

The sun came out…. its a beautiful day here, but some raindrops are still eager to stay.

If i had to name the picture it probably would be called “drop into focus”

Thursady picture time – La Paloma beach

Since today we are having a

gray day here in Montevideo,

Id like to transport you to a

sunny beach.

Photo taken in La Paloma,

Jan 2011,  Rocha, Uruguay.