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Business Concept – Supermarketing strategy

Today I went to the supermarket across the street, as I go almost every day on my lunch break. Its a fairly big supermarket, if not one of the biggest in the city.

As it is a very hot day in Montevideo i decided to go buy me some fresh cold orange juice, and since I’m always trying to save some money I thought to myself it would be smartest to buy a big 3 liter bottle instead of the small 1 liter bottle. Now wait! I checked the prices of both and to my surprise it was actually cheaper to buy 3 of the 1 liter bottles than the big 3 liter bottle. Now why?

At first I though it had to be a mistake by the supermarket, but then, talking to my co-workers they told me that the same happens with washing machine powder, and other frequency household items.

That got me thinking, and this is my conclusion:

The supermarket wants you to go there to buy these items as often as possible.

The competition on these products is fierce and the margins are small. The supermarket does not make a lot of money on them, if they make any at all. But people are used to buy these products, in fact, they almost have to buy them periodically, and when they do, they come to the supermarket and may find themselves buying something else, something with bigger margin for the seller. Maybe the buy a high priced noble product, or see an offer and fall for it, or remember they have to buy something else while strolling around the supermarket.


A new year post

Culture – Southern Hemisphere Christmas

I want to start this post by saying I’m not a big Christmas fan, I’m not into having a Christmas tree, or giving presents, or spending time with the big family that gets together once a year but really can not stand each other.

I was raised with this culture, and I would sure like to spend a nice evening/night with my family, but I don’t need a religious date as an excuse for it.

But thats not what I’m concerned about right now, no. This post is to make you think about something else.

About this:

Whats wrong with this you ask? Well, for me, almost everything.

Leaving out the fact that “Santa Claus” was not a fat bearded man with a coca cola in his hand (yes, we can talk about that A LOT too), I want to stress the fact that he is in a snowy landscape, with winter clothes and snow boots.

The fact that this image is used AND culturally accepted in the southern hemisphere makes me wonder.

More than half of the world has never seen a white Christmas, and a big part of it does not know what snow feels like. Half the world can not relate to this image, or at least should not relate to it.

We are bombarded with this image since we are kids. And of course, when we are kids we don’t care, we don’t ask why the bearded man walks through that white powder…. we just want the presents he brings.

So I ask myself. How much do (or did) the creators of this image care about the people? Isn’t it time someone creates a “Santa” most of the whole world can relate to?

We were joking with some friends the other day about the caribbean santa, a tall black man, sitting below a coconut tree, giving away free fruit juice drinks and playing music. I know this is not what a global “Santa” would be, but definitely a fun idea to elaborate.

Gaming – New Magic: The Gathering world championships

A few of the magic player who follow this blog will be delighted to read this.

Lets start a few months ago, when we all heard the incredible news from wizards announcing there would be no more “world championship”A lot of us were angry, frustrated and could not understand how wizards of the coast would do this to one of the greatest expressions of the magic year.

Now, we get this news. A different, more vibrant, and easier to qualify world championship. Where only country representatives play, and only for national pride, not for own glory.

Here the link to the news:

So there will be a world magic championship, where 4 players of every country will be battling and slinging spells. Who will be these 4? One will be the player with most professional points of the season. And 3 will be players who won three different qualifying tournaments held in the country. They will get the invite and the airfare paid to participate.

Here how this looks for Uruguay:

First place in professional points will be the one that got the best spot in the latin american gp or if anyone travels to one or more gps. Also if someone qualifies for a pro tour, he will most likely get the spot.

Theres a minimum amount of competitive points to have to be invited to them. Having 50 points is really not that hard, you could get them by:
1 gp
1 ptq
1 gp trial y 2 small tourneys
1 national
5-10 small toruneys
FNM dont count to the competitive total.

So, the big thing will be winning one of these Grinders. We can assume that those who play them will be the better players, and since the prize is fairly interesting, there will be a lot of practice involved. But hey, someone has to win it, right?

All in all a great way to turn things around. A great game play enhancer and good prizes. Wizards shows us again they know how to do marketing.

Business Friday – Risk taking

Ill start this post by saying it straight up: I don’t like to take risks.

I’m pretty risk-averse when it comes to my life. I like to have things planned beforehand, and not leave anything to chance. I guess its all part of my controlling nature.

But heres the thing, we need to take risks in life. No one of us is going to have all the effects and results of his/her decisions mapped out, ever. Uncertainty is just a huge part of the game, and will always be.

And of course we could say the same about business. Most business decisions are risky. A lot of them include minor risks, like the chance of lose one sale, or even increasing or reducing sales a little. Other might end up with a labor strike that gets you kicked from the company.

The essence of this post is that I’m trying to say that we all should embrace the fact that, apart from the decisions we have to take that put us at certain risk, we must know that there will be moments when our decisions in life that will put other people at risk. And thats ok, because there will be moments when we will be put at risk by their choices, their way of thinking.

Of course, most of the time, if there are an array of possibilities we can choose from, no one will get the short straw, and either everyone loses or everyone wins… and lets hope for the first.


Wednesday music video – Green day

Because they used to be a great band, they deserve the merit. Two great songs, from two great albums.

I wanna be on TV:

and the unforgettable “Basket case”


Thursday picture time – My job

So, time has come to upload a picture of what I do for a living.

This is what I work at. What you are seeing are solar water heaters. They heat water with the power of the sun. As simple as that. No electricity, just hot water.

We sell and install these systems for houses, hotels, hostels and swimming pools.

We believe in a future built on natural renewable resources.

If you want to know more about us visit us at

Music Video – The Decemberists

Not much to say about this band, when I first heard the song “Los Angeles I’m yours” I fell in love with them, been following them since.

Los Angeles I’m yours:

Sons and daughters:

Thurdsay picture time – Sun is shining

Ive been wanting to participate in photography contests for a few years now, but for some reason or another I always end up forgetting, turning in pictures late or just not finding the right image.

This pic I took about 6 years ago, for a contest about “The summer” in our city.

It shows the top right corner of a wooden football goal at the beach in Montevideo.

Montivational post – Change it up

Wait… today is Tuesday…. and this does not look like its going to be a post about games….

What am I doing to my Blog? Me? The most structured guy I know…. (well, maybe the second most structured one) Am I changing the order of posts? Am I posting something out of the day it should be posted? You know what? Yes, i am. I´m posting a motivational post on Tuesday. And you know why?….

BECAUSE I CAN… (and also because it supports the whole idea of the post, but mainly because I can…)

Well now, where am i going with this you might ask?. I guess I’m just trying to say that sometimes you need to change things up. If you are a structured person, and need to break your own structure. If you are of the “go along” people, and you need to lay down a plan and act accordingly.

Sounds simple, but it surely is not. I know I feel very unease if I have no plan, if something gets in the way of my plan or even if someone just suggests to change my plan. I like to have it all mapped out in my head.

And then days like today come, and I think I need to change it up a little. See how it feels, see where it takes me. Make me understand things from the other perspective.

Please don’t go out and break a leg or a hand (wink) on purpose now. And don’t make a plan of doing nothing the next few days  just to be able to stick to it. Keep on being you, but take a walk on the other side for once, you might see or understand a few things differently.