Born in 1984, Mauro belongs to those lucky people who grew up in the 90′. Those who witnessed the birth of the personal computers as part of our daily life, the spreading of the Internet as a basic tool for the modern urban being, those who know what old dusty paperback books and classic simple board games are.

Descendant of Swiss-German parents and born in Argentina, he understands and embraces both the classic European and the Latin-American culture. He speaks fluent in Spanish, German, English, Portuguese and Swiss-German dialect. Blessed with the chance to do some far-away traveling while growing up, he visited central and south African regions, Eastern Asia and toured Europe multiple times. He thus claims to be able to successfully relate to a lot of different people, different cultures and ways of thinking.

You could categorize him as a “fantasy lover and gamer nerd”. He plays and has had some success in competitive role playing games (magic the gathering) and strategy games. He is always happy to share a match of any board game.

Music also plays a great role in his life. “Forced” by his parents to learn an instrument while still young, he chose to go with the 6 string one, but later found out he was more into the lower tones and moved from guitar to the bass. Even if he never had any kind of success in any of the bands he was in, he still loved every second of it. Also an avid music listener he finds his likes to be pretty eclectic, ranging from the electronic side over to the alternative rockers, not dismissing a good hip-hop or punk band.

Having a double degree in marketing and business management, he likes to understand and thus studies the basics and reasons for companies growth and success stories.


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