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Hello all,

For those who have been reading the MTG twittersphere recently surely have heard about this awesome program from Benjamin Peebles-Mundy that will let you calculate your lifetime win% stats. Here his site:

Well, when I heard about it, and I was very interested, but I could not get it to work because I couldn’t compile the thing. So, this is my collaboration for all you not so tech savvy guys out there that want to use it, but could not wrap your head around the java.

This is a walk-trough for windows only and you still have to be somewhat capable of the minimum computer skills to get it done.

1. As Benjamin mentions, start by downloading all your tournament info from the planeswalker points site: (taken from Bejamins site)

“”The first step is to download information from the Planeswalker Points website in a format that my program can understand. To do this, you have to log in using your password, navigate to the History tab, and select “Events only” from the drop-down menu in the top-right. If you’re already logged in, here’s a direct link.

(Note: make sure you download the info in English as the program does not recognize other lenguages, to change this, bottom right of the planeswalker points page.)

Now you have to expand every single tournament. You can either click on every single little arrow next to every single tournament, or you can do things the easy way. Using Google Chrome, open the menu in the top-right of the browser and select Tools > Deveoper Tools and execute this command:

Once you wait for everything to expand (which can take a while if you’ve been playing for a long time), select-all the whole page (ctrl+a) and copy it. Paste it into your favorite text editor, and save the .txt file anywhere you’ll be able to find it again.””

Note: The txt should have your matched saves as 1 line per match

e.g. Match History:
1Win(+3) Surname, Name
2Win(+3) Surname2, Name2
3Win(+3) Surname3, Name3

2. Now you need to download the program to make the calculations. Get it here (If thew link stops working for any reason please contact me)

Locate this file in the same place you located your .txt file, this way it will be easy to find and get it to work together with the .txt file.

I recommend putting both into your files folder (Users/Yourname)

(Note: this is a .jar file created from Bejamins files compiled by a friend of mine. I looked at the code and it is safe, but i still have no right nor responsibility over them.)

3. Now you have the pieces, but you need your computer to be able to understand java. If you don’t have the Java platform installed or you don’t know if you do, download and install it directly from the official site (make sure to install the JDK and not JRE or anything else)2013-08-13_110011If you have the platform installed, skip this step. But its very unlikely you are even reading this if you have it installed.

4. Now everything should be in place to get this working. Open a command console (if you dont know where to start one go to: start – all programs – accessories – command prompt) and go to the path where you left your .jar and .txt files. Once there type in “java -jar PWP.jar file path.txt”


If this works, you should be able to see all your Win% per format and tournament type.

If not, go through all the steps again carefully and double-check everything. If you still get nothing you can contact me on skype (ma.betschart), twitter (@mabetschart) of facebook and I might be able to help you.

Best regards all.



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  1. Can’t download the jar file 😦

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