Business – You are what you say

It has happened to me a lot, and I bet it has happened to you too.

You are what you say, people judge you and build concepts of you from what you said, and maybe even how you acted in certain situations.

The same is true for companies. The way they communicate with you, the channels they use for this (email, phone, twitter), how they say it and when they say it are all relevant things from which you build up the image you have from them.

The only issue here is that you most of the time act and say things in one tone, with one objective and one mind, you are yourself. But the company is not itself. A company has different tones, different objectives, different motivations and different minds working in it, a company has as many minds as employees.

That’s where the importance of communication steps in. Employees have to know that whatever they say, do, even think while on the job, is what the company is saying, doing and thinking. Employees have to know that they are the company in front of the customer.

So a institutionalized communication policy is not only good for a company, it is vital for its success.

Today’s picture does relate to this in some way, focusing on the channels. If you want to be taken seriously as a company, please use a serious logo, serious banners, email address, website, twitter account and so on. And please, don’t be like this tourist transport company: (sadly the image is pretty bad, I took it with my phone while driving behind it)


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