Gaming – New Magic: The Gathering world championships

A few of the magic player who follow this blog will be delighted to read this.

Lets start a few months ago, when we all heard the incredible news from wizards announcing there would be no more “world championship”A lot of us were angry, frustrated and could not understand how wizards of the coast would do this to one of the greatest expressions of the magic year.

Now, we get this news. A different, more vibrant, and easier to qualify world championship. Where only country representatives play, and only for national pride, not for own glory.

Here the link to the news:

So there will be a world magic championship, where 4 players of every country will be battling and slinging spells. Who will be these 4? One will be the player with most professional points of the season. And 3 will be players who won three different qualifying tournaments held in the country. They will get the invite and the airfare paid to participate.

Here how this looks for Uruguay:

First place in professional points will be the one that got the best spot in the latin american gp or if anyone travels to one or more gps. Also if someone qualifies for a pro tour, he will most likely get the spot.

Theres a minimum amount of competitive points to have to be invited to them. Having 50 points is really not that hard, you could get them by:
1 gp
1 ptq
1 gp trial y 2 small tourneys
1 national
5-10 small toruneys
FNM dont count to the competitive total.

So, the big thing will be winning one of these Grinders. We can assume that those who play them will be the better players, and since the prize is fairly interesting, there will be a lot of practice involved. But hey, someone has to win it, right?

All in all a great way to turn things around. A great game play enhancer and good prizes. Wizards shows us again they know how to do marketing.


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  1. I’m assuing U are delighted!

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