Culture – Southern Hemisphere Christmas

I want to start this post by saying I’m not a big Christmas fan, I’m not into having a Christmas tree, or giving presents, or spending time with the big family that gets together once a year but really can not stand each other.

I was raised with this culture, and I would sure like to spend a nice evening/night with my family, but I don’t need a religious date as an excuse for it.

But thats not what I’m concerned about right now, no. This post is to make you think about something else.

About this:

Whats wrong with this you ask? Well, for me, almost everything.

Leaving out the fact that “Santa Claus” was not a fat bearded man with a coca cola in his hand (yes, we can talk about that A LOT too), I want to stress the fact that he is in a snowy landscape, with winter clothes and snow boots.

The fact that this image is used AND culturally accepted in the southern hemisphere makes me wonder.

More than half of the world has never seen a white Christmas, and a big part of it does not know what snow feels like. Half the world can not relate to this image, or at least should not relate to it.

We are bombarded with this image since we are kids. And of course, when we are kids we don’t care, we don’t ask why the bearded man walks through that white powder…. we just want the presents he brings.

So I ask myself. How much do (or did) the creators of this image care about the people? Isn’t it time someone creates a “Santa” most of the whole world can relate to?

We were joking with some friends the other day about the caribbean santa, a tall black man, sitting below a coconut tree, giving away free fruit juice drinks and playing music. I know this is not what a global “Santa” would be, but definitely a fun idea to elaborate.


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