Business Friday – Risk taking

Ill start this post by saying it straight up: I don’t like to take risks.

I’m pretty risk-averse when it comes to my life. I like to have things planned beforehand, and not leave anything to chance. I guess its all part of my controlling nature.

But heres the thing, we need to take risks in life. No one of us is going to have all the effects and results of his/her decisions mapped out, ever. Uncertainty is just a huge part of the game, and will always be.

And of course we could say the same about business. Most business decisions are risky. A lot of them include minor risks, like the chance of lose one sale, or even increasing or reducing sales a little. Other might end up with a labor strike that gets you kicked from the company.

The essence of this post is that I’m trying to say that we all should embrace the fact that, apart from the decisions we have to take that put us at certain risk, we must know that there will be moments when our decisions in life that will put other people at risk. And thats ok, because there will be moments when we will be put at risk by their choices, their way of thinking.

Of course, most of the time, if there are an array of possibilities we can choose from, no one will get the short straw, and either everyone loses or everyone wins… and lets hope for the first.



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  1. for those who like the theory, heres a lik to the economic-financial term risk aversion:

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