Montivational post – Change it up

Wait… today is Tuesday…. and this does not look like its going to be a post about games….

What am I doing to my Blog? Me? The most structured guy I know…. (well, maybe the second most structured one) Am I changing the order of posts? Am I posting something out of the day it should be posted? You know what? Yes, i am. I´m posting a motivational post on Tuesday. And you know why?….

BECAUSE I CAN… (and also because it supports the whole idea of the post, but mainly because I can…)

Well now, where am i going with this you might ask?. I guess I’m just trying to say that sometimes you need to change things up. If you are a structured person, and need to break your own structure. If you are of the “go along” people, and you need to lay down a plan and act accordingly.

Sounds simple, but it surely is not. I know I feel very unease if I have no plan, if something gets in the way of my plan or even if someone just suggests to change my plan. I like to have it all mapped out in my head.

And then days like today come, and I think I need to change it up a little. See how it feels, see where it takes me. Make me understand things from the other perspective.

Please don’t go out and break a leg or a hand (wink) on purpose now. And don’t make a plan of doing nothing the next few days  just to be able to stick to it. Keep on being you, but take a walk on the other side for once, you might see or understand a few things differently.






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  1. Jaja no se bien por qué pero recién leo esto! Muy bueno…

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