Gaming Tuesday – Zombie lane (social network game)

So im reviewing a social network game now? Facebook, Google+ games? really?

Yes, really. I think some games designed for the social networks are quite impressive.

Zombie Lane is a game i started playing on Facebook some time ago, mainly because i was bored with some of the other games and well….. you know…… zombies!!!

I’m not an avid social gamer, I’m not one of those people that have zillions of friends and this usually plays against me for these kinds of “help you neighbor” game.

This game, nevertheless i still played a lot. Why? It a well designed game. It had good graphics, an entertaining story, addicting missions and fun achievements to unlock.

You can play the game as it would be a farmville, you can plant trees and vegetables and wait 0-48 hours to harvest them. You can play the game killing zombies, just wait till you have full energy and start beating the **** out of them with a variety of weapons you can buy or obtain in the game. Or finally you can play a game of collecting and building up your house/garden, clearing the grass and decorating it.

A positive thing is that you are limited by the “energy” you have to take your actions, which will make you take the game slowly and not be hooked on it all day long. Yes, it will make you return later, but you can choose when (unless you need to harvest your beans :P)

Negative about it is that if you stop playing for some time the zombies will overrun your property and it will take a lot of work to get it built up again. Which basically discourages you from returning to play.

All in all a fun, versatile and interesting game for fb, google+ (and possibly other social sites). Give it a try if you like this kinds of games, and don’t forget to add me as your neighbor.



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