Montivational Mondays – Retake old projects

Todays post is so much a post about motivation as a lesson to myself.

With this “Retake old projects” I mean a few things, but mainly the concept is “don’t let your long term projects be eclipsed by your daily activities”.

Last weeks I have been somewhat exceptionally busy. I turned in the last version of my Thesis at my University, we had a big almost two week long exposition at work, where I was involved almost every day and had small to no access to the web. That added to the fact that my usual work stuff was falling behind.

But enough about that, now im back, i have some time for me again and id like to retake this project. Because in some way, this is what I want to do. This is not a “I want to write something today” kind of blog for me. I try to put heart and brains into it, I take it as a long term commitment with myself.

What Im trying to say is, theres daily life and theres your long term projects. Theres what you do everyday, that will give you daily joy, you can feel good if you accomplish something everyday, and theres the long run, in the long run you need to have had long term projects. Someday, when you look back, if you have endured in your long term projects you will feel you have made something with your life.

Long term projects need commitment, need time, need you to fight through, and they usually are not immediate and don’t need you urgently. Thats why sometimes they are left aside, taken over by the urgency of day to day issues.  Today, the long term project I am retaking is this blog, I left it aside due to other activities, but Im not going to let it die, for some months or years from now I will look back, and see a blog with hundererds of posts, and feel good with myself.

Now you… think about those projects you left behind. Think about which ones you can or want to retake. Make yourself time for them. It might be a pain now, but it will bring you joy some time from now.


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