Gaming Tuesday – Magic nationals 2 (forgot to post it yesterday)

Uruguayan Magic the gathering nationals are in the books….. and no, I didn’t win them, but it was awfully close.

After a crazy week last week, trying to get the best build out of the deck I wanted to play, I finally made a last minute change on Saturday, asking a few people for the cards I needed, and got one positive reply. On Sunday morning, the day of the tourney, I asked for the cards, but the player told me he didn’t have them.

Now what? I asked around, but no one brought the cards i needed to the tourney, so a last second change to the deck was made. Here the final list for those who know something about magic:

4 scalding tarn
3 halimar depths
8 inslands
7 mountains

4 pyromancer ascension
4 ponder
4 preordain
4 gitaxian probe
4 lightning bolt
4 burst lightning
4 into the roil
4 mana leak
3 incinerate
2 forsee
1 call to mind

A kind of deck that relies on building up and getting one big turn to win out of nowhere, a “combo” deck.

Combo decks are never easy to play, they require practice and a lot of thinking ahead in the game, a careful choice at each option. The good thing about them is they are rarely played, and as such are not expected nor practiced against by a lot of players.

The tourney is composed of 6 rounds and then they make a cut and the top 8 players in the standings are allowed to play the finals.

First 3 rounds of the tourney are constructed play, with the deck I posted. So I started my day losing the first round, but not to worry too much, at the nationals 2005 I won, I lost the first round too. But now I had to win all my next rounds to make the cut. The second round I won, and things were looking up. When I won my third round I was seriously looking at a good result.

4th to 6th round was limited, which is my expertise. I played a green blue deck and won the following two rounds to be able to intentionally draw the last one and make the cut to the finals with a 4-1-1 record (4 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw)

Top 8 finals (single elimination): I played the quarterfinals against a deck I had the upper hand, and it turned out as expected, with me winning it in a pretty fast fashion.

Top 4 finals on the other hand I played against a deck I didn’t have much of a chance. My opponent had the upper hand and he played correctly, so I lost.

Not too bad though, I had a lot of fun, played a deck thatIi liked a lot and ended in 3rd place at nationals. A result well worth being proud of.


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