Gaming tuesday – Magic nationals

Well, thanks for all the visits yesterday (2 visits). I guess the topic was not that interesting :_(

If that one wasn’t interesting, then this one will be a lot less interesting.

This weekend are the Magic: The Gathering nationals.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, just think of a card game with strategy like chess, with the ability to choose which pieces to play and which one to leave out, and with a fantasy element added to it. Maybe you have seen some odd cards like the one on the bottom somewhere already, played by socially rejected, weird, often overweight or overly skinny kids. Its an interesting game for kids, with all the fantasy things, and an interesting game for grown-ups, who like strategy, role playing or adventure games. And there are the cash prizes to attract grown ups too. (we are talking about over 1.000.000U$S a year in prizes for big tourneys)

Anyway, ill be “wasting” my whole Sunday playing, trying to get hold of this years championship and the invite to play in worlds in San Francisco. I don’t feel pressured to win or anything, i already have a national champion title and a trip to japan under my belt from previous years. I just want to have a lot of fun and maybe go home with some prizes for being one of the top 8 players.

True to my history at national championships, ill be playing a rather “under the radar” deck of cards, trying to take more than one by surprise, and counting on the fact that they don’t know how to play against it.

If you are interested in the game, interested in fantasy games, or just curious about how this works, you can come by on Sunday to see some player slinging spells at each other, summoning creatures to fight or enchanting ancient artifacts :), or just say “hi”. We are going to be playing at “espacio Pliegues” Bvr. España 2697, 1 block from the “Ombú”.


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  1. Si voy a verte te vuelvo a ganar como lector de mi blog? jaja. Y en cuanto al post OMFG!!! Jamás pensé que en un campeonato de Magic pudiera haber semejantes premios! Me gustó mucho también como describís el juego. Para mi hacer reviews de juegos es lo tuyo Mauro!!

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