Motivational Monday – Tactic and Strategic

What are tactic and strategic plans? These are terms or concepts used a lot for the old time war or combat planing, the all so current business constructing or conceptualizing, or even for game play.

But what about your tactics in life? Or your strategic goals? Do you define your actions or daily decisions by a target, by something you like to archive in life or do you make them based only on your current life state?

Most people will tell you that you need to have your ideas straight, your stuff sorted out, to have all your priorities in order. And thats what these short and long term goals (called tactic and strategic plans) will help you archive.

So, how do you define the tactics and strategies of your life?

Simply do the following exercise: Ask yourself

Tactic: “What do i want to have done by the end of this year?”

Strategic: “Where do i see myself in 5 yeas from now?”

Do it more than once, think about it a few times, maybe with a time lapse of a week or so between them. Write two or three things down every time. After a month you can review the list, clean it up  (hopefully cross out some things already archived) and make a definite list of your short and medium term goals.

You may want to share this list with the closest people around you, so they get to know your motivations and understand your decisions better. This list will be good as a guide in a relationship too.

If you already use this method i hope I refreshed your memory, to review your goals,  if you don’t, i hope it helps you in some way.


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  1. You sounded like a collegue counselor XD

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