Business Friday – Perception

This is going to be short, because it is all summed up in one simple sentence:

Truth is  a myth, perception is reality.

What does this mean? Well, lets say no matter how good your intentions are with your company, how great your product is, whatever the customers say about you will become the truth.

The fact is that customer trust other customers a lot more than what they trust you. So it does not really matter what you tell them, if they tell something else to each other you are in disadvantage.

Take the example from Coca-colas water Dasani, which (at least in Uruguay and Argentina) was called to be unhealthy and dangerous for children to drink. No matter what the company said, how many analyses they did just to show the public it was not true, the sales for dasani would not increase.

Peoples perception is whats dictates what is true and what is not in business terms.


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  1. I do, in a business sense.
    I dont mean this is true for personal daily life.

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