Motivational monday – Do you believe?

Who do you believe in?
or maybe, what do you believe in?
I’m not really sure how to phrase that question, but the end effect is the same.

I do not expect you to post your answer. Or even have an answer to it. Maybe you know where you stand on this subject, maybe you have no clue.

What i know is that you believe in something. Be it a higher being, creator of the world and the universe or be it science, explaining everything we see and feel through scientific facts or maybe just yourself. Yes, I’m serious, maybe you just believe in yourself. Thats exactly where I’m going today.

This question I want you to answer. Do you believe in yourself? You don’t have to post your answer, just think about it. You, as a living, feeling, thinking being. Do you believe in your capabilities, your strengths and your skills?

Of course each and everyone of us is flawed. We all have our issues, weaknesses and fears, but we also have the power to overcome them, to set them aside and fight them. And we are the only ones that can do it. No one can fight our fears or weaknesses for us. Maybe someone can guide or aid us, but not fight them for us, thats a battle we have to undertake alone, with ourselves.

So how do we fight them? Knowing is of course always the first step. Know your weak spots, accept and embrace them, it will help you face them, and ultimately work on them to set them aside or overcome them.

I’m no motivator, I’m no guru, all I know is that we are all capable of dealing with ourselves. We might need help to face the problems coming from outside, and that OK, everyone does, and everyone is “entitled” to ask for help with outside problems. But we will need to deal with our internal issues ourselves, as we are the only ones who will know how they feel and what they really are.

In the end, one thing is clear, if YOU can’t resolve your issues, no one else can and if YOU don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


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  1. Wow, you are making me thing about myself this time…. hehe, I have always believed in myself, I have some troubles and issues but trying to face them and fight them, and I have already won some battles, and couldn’t win some others… yet… that’s what life is about, at least for me, to win battles against ourselves, inner situations, and maybe, why not, with some help of other people, outside us, people who inspire us, things we read, and so on, but as you say, one thing is very clear, we recieve that information, what we do with it, it’s up to us…. the desisions we make, that’s what define us…. who said that? I can’t remember right now… sorry the grammar faults… I did not sleep well last night…. damn

    see you around mabsurdo….

    best regards…. C.-

  2. “I believe in Joe Pesci, give him a baseball bat and he seems like the kind of guy that can get things done” Carlin.

    Now, seriously, I believe in change. I believe in the possibility of change, for better or worse are value judgments. I don’t now what actually “better” or “worse” means, however I am confident that if something is in the “bad ” state it will change, which direction? Who knows, but it will not be the same again..

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