Gaming tuesday – Zombieeeesss

So as an intro to my first gaming Tuesday i have to say i just love board games. Ive been in love with board games since i was young. At home with my parents we had a lot of gaming nights or card game nights, games included classics like monopoly or yahtzee, and math and wordplay games.

Today Im going to tell you about a game that Aliusha (my girlfriend) and I played some time ago at a gaming gathering, and decided later to purchase (technically, she bought it as a gift to me).

The game is called “Last night on earth” (this time totally unrelated to Bukowsky) and is about a zombie outbreak in a little town called Woodingdale(?).

The game plays out as a b-rated zombie horror movie. The characters are all the stereotypical movie characters. The nurse, the high-school kids, the sheriff, his son, the convict, the priest and so on. These characters are the heroes of the town (played by one party), and have to kill or repel the zombies (played by the other party). The fact that there are some very scary, sticky and funny situations and interactions between zombies and players make this a hell of a game.

The board is built up from several different board pieces, giving you many options on how the town looks like and providing an interesting element for variation.

There are several different missions to choose from which the heroes team (or in some case the zombies team) have to accomplish before the time runs out.

Players may find an arrange of weapons, hand weapons such as a baseball bat, fire Axe (shown in the pic) or even a chainsaw, or ranged weapon such as the revolver or the shotgun. Apart from these theres a handful of other different useful items.

Zombies also have their extras, in form of events that may change the outcome of a fight or even affect the game play.

Heres a board overview for you to get a basic idea of how it looks like:

You can see on the bottom the 4 chosen heroes. On the right the mission they have chosen (or was assigned to them) and on the top some cards that have been played out.

There are a few very interesting, and original concepts in this game that i haven’t seen in many other games, such as being able to take decisions even after you rolled the dice (say for movement or combat) or being able to change the heroes turn order depending on the players liking or convenience.

The game is so full of variables that each time you play it plays out completely different. Its well balanced and it often comes down to the last turns of the game to find out which part will be winning. The learning curve for the game is pretty low, after one game you pretty much know how to play and apply the best strategy, but it still remains very competitive at a high level game. Every game takes from 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on amount of players and skill.

All in all, its a great game to spend a night playing, or an evening. A lot of fun every time you play, and even more fun if you play with the right people. A highly recommended this game, and all its expansions.


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  1. mmm I don’t know this game, it looks like a nice one, is it possible to go play to your house some day? or where did you get it? here in Uruguay??


    • Certainly nice, and you are certainly more than welcome to play at home anytime. We brought it from the US, aliu bought it on e-bay and had it sent. We had to pay some extra $ at the customs, but its well worth it.

  2. What is the best video game of all time?

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