Motivation monday – Soccer as the national motivation engine

Motivational Mondays – Soccer edition.

Most of you know, Uruguay has just won the South American soccer cup. And that not long after having earned the 4th place at world cup last year.

I can tell you, this city was a party from 2pm yesterday (game started at 4pm local time) until early this morning. The Uruguayan team were clear favorites, after beating Argentina in the quarter finals on penalty shootout and beating a humble Peru team 2-0, they played against a underwhelming Paraguayan team that hadn’t shown too much skill throughout the tournament (opinion of those who know).

How does this relate to motivation? Believe it or not, Uruguay’s economic growth and wellbeing depends A LOT on how they do in soccer (and a few other sports, but mainly soccer). Its just amazing how this country runs on soccer success. Yesterday, the whole country was one with each other, they were all friends and all held together. A positive environment as few i have seen over the years in this, mostly gray, country. You should have seen the streets, the flags, the stadium and it surroundings, or just have read the Facebook updates people posted. Joy and happiness everywhere.

So today people are motivated, people are looking at life in a positive way, they rejoice and believe in the fact that their small land, ofter minimized by our big neighbors, is able to beat them all, show them how its done, be on top. Thats what motivates then, thats what brings them forward. They take their teams wins as their own. THEY have won, THEY have beaten all.

An interesting fact though, about this team is that their coach and moral leader, Oscar Tabarez, is a school teacher. He used to teach in schools in little towns across the country. He then turned to soccer and had moderate success until he got to coach this team. He managed an more then excellent world cup finish (that was a hell of a party too) and this championship. People see him as a great and noble man, always collected and sober, and most of all, always humble.

Positivity brings people to do positive stuff, to engage in projects, to look to the future and believe its possible. The small soccer team, from a small country, with no big names and with a school teacher as their coach was able to push through, was able to beat them all, and that all without losing their humility.

And I don’t chant, i don’t sing or get crazy about soccer (or most any other sport), but you have to praise people who manage to go far with little. All i can say to this is RESPECT, you have done it.

I leave you with a answer a player gave to a journalist before the match:

Journalist – “You are going to play in the finals, and neither Argentina nor Brazil are there anymore. Do you feel more pressured to win the championship?”

Alvaro “Palito” Pereira – “The one that wakes up at 6 in the morning everyday and goes to work to be able to feed his kids feels pressure, we are just hungry for the glory”


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  1. excelente amor, me hizo pensar en algunas cosas que tenia medio amordazadas…

    me encanta como escribis y como transmitís las ideas.

  2. Gonzalo Rodriguez

    You know my story with football, but even I felt compelled to watch this cup. Maybe its just a bit of easy patriotism, maybe its cause I like the coach’s history, or most likely, its just the fact that it brings out the best of our people in many ways. (though it didn’t make wonders with Argentinian relationships in this case)

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