The 4 L’s

Whats the reason for living? What do we want to do in life?

Why do we do what we do? …and why do we want to do it?

A lot of questions, some of us ask ourselves these questions a lot, some don’t.

Have you ever asked yourself this? What do you live for?

Most people will give an answer in the direction of “i just want to have fun” or “i live to do what i like”. But do they know what they want in life? What is fun for them?

If you ask me, i base my life on the4 L principles: LIVE, LOVE, LEARN, LEAVE A LEGACY.

The concept of LIVE is for me always enjoying what i do in my daily life.

LOVE is giving and sharing and caring for the people around me.

LEARN is always being open to grow in knowledge and ability.

And all this finally to LEAVE A LEGACY, this is why i have this Blog 😛 Not really, although its part of it. My goal in life is to be able to leave something interesting or good for humanity. Although without aiming too high, if i can make a positive change in a few people`s lives, i will be happy.

Let me know what your principles in life are, what motivates you?


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  1. mauro! 😀
    lindo leerte 😉

    Yo desde hace un tiempo me lo eh estado preguntando bastante, y llegué a la conclusión de que no me lo tengo que cuestionar tanto! jaja y que al final son las cosas chiquitas las que hacen que todo valga la pena. Si, no descubrí nada nuevo 😛 pero bueno..

  2. Gonzalo Rodriguez

    Time over time I find myself reabsorbed by this old question. Its unthinkable the number of times my answer for it has changed.
    We live in a complicated time for it, this era stinks of quests for identity and the meaning of accomplishment.

    More than what you want, another good question is, “how much can I expect?” you said it yourself, “Although without aiming too high”. Have you ever asked yourself if your potential is being wasted?
    If our fear for reaching and therefor defining and outlining our limits is actually what keeps us at low profile? Are we shielding ourselves with false modesty?

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