Why sharing?

This question has been on my mind for a long time now.

I wanted to have a Blog for some time, but never got it done before. I guess its mainly because im not an avid sharing type of person. Maybe the fact that i had to go through the buying a domain, having a hosting account and building up a blog as such also didn’t help, but i take that as a secondary reason. Knowing and finding out what is in fact worth sharing is was and surely is my main issue. Its such a great deal that i even have to share a post about sharing to explain it.

Two main questions arise for my blog now.

Why do I share?

I guess i can say everyone likes to share, be heard, get feedback, maybe i could even say be acknowledged by his/her peers. We share because we have something to say (or maybe just think we do), something we think is worth telling others, something we think can add to their daily lives.  I hope i can accomplish some of these things. It is ultimately why i created this blog.

What is it that might interest readers?

I guess thats a question i will only be able to answer after i have this blog for a long time. I can currently only assume things might be interesting, based on my own and some friends opinions, but thats naturally not representative information on what might be interesting.

I know i can go the easy way and repost or share videos or news that have been proved to be interesting by other bloggers, but thats not my goal. I want to share original material, unique concepts and ideas, something created or something that has added value.

This is why i need all of you readers to respond to my posts, tell me if what i gave you is interesting enough, tell me if if you’d like to read something else or i am going the right way. Exchange  is the basic tool for growing, and as such, your feedback helps me grow and get better.

Thanks for reading 😉


Posted on July 16, 2011, in Ideas and concepts and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Welcome to the blog-os-phere!

  2. I’ll happily provide feedback. I’ve had blogs for a long time (no, you won’t see them) and really didn’t care much whether I was providing some sort of social service…I wanted to share. It was my outlet, many times the typical angsty posts one doesn’t want to read (which might explain my extremely low follower count), but if I wanted internet popularity, I’d post pictures of my boobs.
    I follow many lovely blogs, some have a continuous theme, others are just ramblings like mine. But as an aspiring writer, I find the responsibility of posting regularly; even if it just swearing, good for creating a habit of writing 🙂

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